Episode 51: Hey, Sister!

This week Dave and Steel are joined on the podcast by Dave’s older sister Melissa. They talk parenting, discuss some fantastic business ideas(OTC Shark Tank, basically) that will be sure to revolutionize your life, especially if you’re a discreet midget looking for meaningful work, have a segment of expert testimony with Melissa in which we discuss mothering and postpartum depression, play hauntingly sad songs by Patty Griffin, Bon Iver, Fountains of Wayne, Noah and the Whale, Daniel Johnston, and Dar Williams, and share some classic Arnold Lobel Frog & Toad book wisdom. Enjoy!


Unchained Melodies: Depression Edition

Book Wisdom

This week’s passage of book wisdom was Arnold Lobel’s classic story “Cookies” from the book Frog & Toad Together.

Featured image: Melissa and Dave and their siblings as children. You can probably guess which one Dave is.

Episode 50: Our Golden Anniversary

This week Dave and Steel celebrate recording their 50th episode of Off The Chain (our golden anniversary!) by running through several listener questions, playing another round of Lost the Plot, sharing some all-time great contributions to small talk, playing timeless music by The Beatles, Otis Redding, The Refreshments, and Quasi, and sharing some book wisdom from John Steinbeck. This one’s a classic.


A look back on the first 50 episodes

Guest Totals

    • 9 episodes: No guest [eps. 44, 43, 23, 11, 10, 9, 3, 2, 1]
    • 7 episodes: Spencer! [48, 47, 39, 21, 13, 12, 4]
    • 6 episodes: Jordan (if we count #49) [38, 33, 15, 5, 4]
    • 3 episodes: two-way tie: Howard [41, 28, 27] & Katie [26, 25, 14]
    • 2 episodes: seven people: Aaron Peck [46, 45], Matt Brown [37, 36], Zac Beus [35, 34], Josh Harder [32, 31], Julia Dauer [30, 29], Rosie [40, 17], Ryan [7, 6]
    • 1 episode: ten people: Dan Jennejohn [42], Jarom Sidwell [41], Eric Vivier [24] Rose & Emeline [22 — No DAVE!], Jon Stoffer [20], Alan Stoffer [19], Oliver Bendorf [16], Arianne [brief cameo in Ep 18], Amy (Scott) Anderson [8]
    • EPISODES WITH GUESTS: 40 of 50!
    • TOTAL NUMBER OF UNIQUE GUESTS: 21 [7 women in 10 episodes, 14 men in 30 episodes]

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Unchained Melodies Data

231 Songs in the Spotify Master playlist by 200ish bands.

Most Common Letter Names for Bands We’ve Played:

B: 34
S: 19
M, C: 16
D: 15
A, R: 13
L, P: 12

Least Common Letter Names for Bands We’ve Played:

I, X, Y, Z: 0
Q, U: 1
E, O: 2

Small Talk

  • The Penuma, a silicon Penis Implant, is real. James Elist, an LA surgeon, is the only person approved to use it by the FDA and has inserted it in about 1300 men.
  • NBA 2K is being sued for copyright infringement due to tattoo reproduction.

Unchained Melodies

Book Wisdom

This week Dave read a passage from John Steinbeck’s Dust Bowl classic The Grapes of Wrath.

Featured image by takomabibelot

Episode 49: On the Road Again

This week’s episode had some technical difficulties and the audio has some issues with sound quality. We tried to fix it, but occasional clicking sounds are still audible for much of the episode. We’ll do better next week.

This week Dave and Steel are joined by their friend Jordan–together the three of them spend about an hour talking about fatherhood, family, and survival as it relates to Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Road, give updates on the life and times of American hero Vin Diesel, play great music by David Bowie, William Onyeabor, Interpol, and Dethklok, and share some wrenching book wisdom from the American poet George Oppen.


Diesel: Running on Gas

Unchained Melodies: Bowie Tribute and Soundtrack to The Road

Book Wisdom

This week’s segment of book wisdom was section 5 of George Oppen’s poem “Route” from his 1968 collection Of Being Numerous.

Featured image by Gilbert-Noël Sfeir Mont-Liban