About ‘Theme Songs’

What is ‘Theme Songs‘?

Theme Songs is an informal, musical-themed podcast where each episode is based around a single theme, and features a handful of songs connected in some way to that theme. Episodes are usually around thirty minutes long, and often feature a guest or two. The podcast is hosted by Dave & Steel, who previously made the podcast Off the Chain with Dave & Steel.

How did ‘Theme Songs‘ begin?

We’d been making Off the Chain for a couple of years (77 episodes!) and realized that we’d lost some momentum. Episodes began running well over an hour, and we had a hard time keeping our energy up for the podcast. We wanted to keep podcasting (and talking to each other regularly) so we decided to brainstorm some ideas for a new, shorter-format show. Dave sent Steel an email in June with a bunch of ideas:

  • Your Favorite Music – we just get different people on and discuss their favorite songs.  We could have them pick 2-3 songs and just play about 1 minute of each so as to avoid copyright issues
  • Yes, this is real – We do dramatic readings of funny complaints, product reviews, email chains
  • The Answers – Each episode is an in depth answer to questions.  It would be a little bit silly but we’d provide actual and real answers
  • This Day in American History – we just make up weird stories that are said to take place on certain dates in American history.  To up the ante the stories could even be like how we do lost the plot.  One guy or girl just gives a prompt and we make up the historical story.
  • Review this! – we pick a product, book or even tv show that is outside of our comfort zone and review it.
  • The Hair Report – we just talk about hair
  • Double Team – We just interview guests.  It’s a double team interview because there is two of us.
  • Children’s Books today! – The whole show is dedicated to children’s books
  • Faster and Furiouser – An in depth review of each film in the franchise.  We could do more than one episode on each film or just do an 8 episode limited series.  Spencer and Jordan would be very involved – I’d be happy to do a similar podcast to this one about anything
  • NBHEY! – We’d just talk about the NBA each week.  The title of the podcast is terrible.
  • Stillman and David – An exploration into names and naming.  This actually seems kind of interesting and really dumb at the same time.
  • Vacation in Skegness – A storytelling podcast where we tell just comically sad stories

It was a long email, obviously, and Steel apparently didn’t it make it past the first idea, so here we are. Not exactly “Your Favorite Music,” but kind of a mix between that and the old “Unchained Melodies” segment from our old podcast.

Why don’t you do a show about “…” ?

Oh, you think you’ve got a good theme idea for our show? Prove it, by sending us your idea at themesongspodcast@gmail.com, and then double prove it by coming on the show as a guest when we make that episode. Deal?