What is ‘Off the Chain‘?

Come on. You know what it is. It’s something outstandingly great. Something you can’t stop talking about. Something too good not to share. It’s off. the. chain.

How did ‘Off the Chain‘ begin?

A little while back Dave saw the Vin Diesel classic Riddick (the third film in the series).  For a full two weeks every conversation he entered in eventually found its way to a discussion of Riddick.  Dave’s wife quickly grew tired of the subject but he couldn’t help himself, he had to explain to everyone he met how Riddick had tamed an alien dog and performed surgery on himself.  It was absolutely necessary to tell them that the first thirty minutes of the film was just Vin Diesel and his dog.  Everyone around him had to know how Vin Diesel kills that guy that killed his dog.  The film was OFF THE CHAIN in every way.  He knew there had to be an outlet for this excitement and now there is.

What does ‘Off the Chain‘ talk about?

Any subject that is OFF THE CHAIN can be discussed.  This can range from life experiences to poetry to music to film to ideas or even to physics.  If a subject is OFF THE CHAIN we want to know about it and discuss it.

Do you have any regular segments?

Why yes, yes we do. Here are some recurring segments you’ll hear in the show:

Small Talk

The goal of small talk is to help our listeners improve their conversation abilities by arming their minds with ready-to-use facts, anecdotes, and bon mots guaranteed to amuse, delight, and intrigue. Listening to Small Talk will

  1. Inflate others’ perception of your intelligence
  2. Inflate others’ perception of your wit and erudition, which of course will help to
  3. Inflate your own self-esteem.

Ask Off the Chain

We answer real questions from real listeners with real advice. Want to make your life more OFF THE CHAIN? Submit a question and we’ll answer it on the air.

Expert Testimony

Dave & Steel invite an expert onto the show to talk about something they love or know a lot about.

To the Limits

Dave & Steel celebrate human beings who have taken their lives to the limits of the possible: explorers, adventurers, endurers, or those who have devoted themselves to dreaming and accomplishing the truly extraordinary.

Lost the Plot

Dave (who watches a lot of bad action movies) asks Steel (who watches no action movies) to describe the plot of a recent action film after giving him a few starter clues.

Assigned Reading

Dave, Steel and a guest assign each other books they’ve enjoyed and discuss what they’ve recently read.

Unchained Melodies

Every week Dave & Steel (and their guests) share music that’s OFF THE CHAIN. Here’s a regularly updated Spotify playlist with all the music they’ve played since the show began. You’re welcome!

Book Wisdom

Dave & Steel (or their guests) share a meaningful passage from a classic book to help you improve your life and live more deeply.

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