Episode 43: Our Favorite Things

This week Dave and Steel take a page from the Oprah playbook and discuss some of their favorite things from 2015. They also tell some stories about their kids, share great music from their favorite musicians: Pavement, Damien Jurado, Wilco, and M. Ward, and Steel reads George Oppen’s poem “Psalm.”

We’re going to be taking next week off, so enjoy this one for the next little while. Here’s our plan for the rest of the year: on Christmas Eve we’ll release a very special present: Dave’s 2015 family spoken word Christmas album, and we’ll have a New Year’s Eve episode with the year in review (our Best of 2015 episode). Hope you all have a safe, loving December.


Our Favorite Things


Live Performance Experience

Penis Shaped Bread Tridents

  • Dave – The one Oprah recommends. The best review I saw was by Adam W:

    For years, I’ve searched the internet for assorted-size bread penises. When I have found them, they’re either way too expensive or uncircumcised. Well, now I don’t have to worry about that. This is one amazing bread penis set. The best part is the single penis with two heads that tangles itself to form the base of this treat. I can’t wait to gobble down every inch of this.

  • Steel – I’m partial to the bread penises baked by WeedPriest, a former Subway employee [Steel]


Mail order Catalog


  • Dave – Giraffe
  • Steel – Otter or capybara


    • Dave – May
    • Steel – December

Matching Family Pajama Set


Hat for a dog


Dance Party Song

  • Dave – Lotus Flower – Radiohead
  • Steel – Kiss – Prince

Place to take the kids on walks/outings


  • Dave – that one about the guy in WWII talking to the shop keeper [it’s by Charles Reznikoff — ed. note]
  • Steel – Psalm – George Oppen

Local Attraction


  • Steel – Oliberte shoes
  • Dave – Socks

Unchained Melodies: Favorite Musicians Edition

Book Wisdom

Steel shared his favorite poem: George Oppen’s “Psalm

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