Episode 47: Occupy OTC

In this episode, Dave and Steel are joined once again by their old friend Spencer. Together the three of them discuss the top ten topics of conversation among the ‘patriots’ occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon, answer listener questions about what to eat and how to keep yourself entertained if you decided to occupy a federal building, talk about ghost towns, share great music to occupy federal buildings to by Rage Against the Machine, Courtney Barnett, Twisted Sister, Ted Nugent, Woody Guthrie, and T. Powell, and drop some immortal book wisdom from Henry David Thoreau’s essay “Resistance to Civil Government”.


Top 10 Topics of Conversation Among the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupationists

10. Best attire for occupation.
9. Supplies.
8. Guns & ammunition (and their various -bores)
7. How socialism is the worst
6. Soldering stuff. Your favorite soldering iron, techniques, etc.
5. Beard grooming
4. MREs and other food served in pouches
3. Survivalism: including how to catch rabbits in snares; making fires out of nothing; tracking stuff [esp. people]; walking silently like you’re a native, primitive shelter building; also yurts and snow caves; leather working.
2. Making your own jerky
1. What manner of heartbreak led you to this place today (she was probably beautiful).


Best Films to Watch During a Federal Occupation

Red Dawn

The Rescue

The Full List of Supplies Required by Malheur Occupationists

Ghost Towns

Unchained Melodies: The Occupying Federal Buildings Edition

Book Wisdom

This week Steel shared passages from Henry David Thoreau’s classic essay urging nonviolent resistance to unjust governments, “Resistance to Civil Government.”

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