Off the Chain is an informal podcast hosted by Dave and Steel, two friends from college, and has featured a broad array of guests.


Dave lives in Mesa, AZ with his wife and kids.  Dave would pick 2Fast2Furious as his favorite movie of the entire franchise.  He understands that Fast 5 is the best film but there’s just something about Paul Walker going down to Miami and launching a car off a dock then onto a boat that brings real joy to his heart.


Steel lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife and young son. Steel is a poet and is a respected expert in the field of professional basketball-related poetry. He is the ghost writer for all three of Bobby Hurley’s poetry collections: Slammed If I Do, Slammed If I Don’t; Assist Yo’ Mama; and the modern poetry classic Ladies Like a Baller. Steel is hoping to release his own volume of poetry later this year entitled The 3-Ball Messenger featuring the poem “Backcourt Hussle (The Greg Rose Story).”
–ghost-written by Dave

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