Theme Songs, Episode 6: Codependency/Independence

This week’s theme was Codependency/Independence. Steel’s sister-in-law Jennie Bastian joined the two hosts to discuss how we can prevent sexual assault and harassment and best support its victims, and then the trio played great tunes from Waxahatchee, Tina Turner, John Prine, Fiona Apple, Lesley Gore, and the Isley Brothers.


Sexual assault is a major problem in our society. To get a better sense for the size and scope of the issue, you may want to refer to some facts and statistics gathered by the National Sexual Violence Research Center. Just as distressing, RAINN estimates that nearly 2/3 of all sexual assaults are ever reported to the police.

Resources for men to learn about their role in preventing sexual harassment and violence:

Resources for teaching everyone about consent:

Ways for victims to get help and support:

Our love and concern to all those who have suffered sexual violence or harassment. We believe you and want to do what we can to prevent this kind of behavior in the future, to provide the support and care you need, and to seek justice for those who have and are being wronged.

Our theme this week: Codependency/Independence:

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